NGC Energy has developed a revolutionary new alternative cutting technology that will change the way metal is cut.

Traditionally, cutting of metal sheets has always been done using the oxy-Acetylene mixture. Acetylene is expensive, highly unsafe and damaging to the environment.

The NC+ Cutting Gas is a hydrocarbon-based cutting solution that offers unmatched economy on overall cutting cost as compared to acetylene.

NC+ is operator –friendly and safer than acetylene. It is also non-toxic and has low backfire tendency.

In case of a leak, NC+ can be easily detected due to its unique pungent smell.

DA (Dissolved Acetylene) NC+
Shock Sensitivity Unstable Stable
Backfire Tendency Very High Low
Explosive Limits In Air 3% — 93% 2.5% — 9.3%
Autoignite Yes No
Flashback Dangerous Minimal
Operating Pressure 1 — 15 psi 1 — 133 psi
Heat Emission Primary Flame (kcal/m3) 4512 4164
Heat Emission Secondary Flame (kcal/m3) 8570 19080
Total Heat Value (kcal/m3) 13082 23244
Tare Weight (22KG Cylinder) 65 – 70 KG 19 – 21 KG (Easy Handling)
Inventory High. 6 DA = 1 NC+ Cylinder. Low (1 NC+ Cylinder replaces almost 6 DA.
Bulk Supply (Piping) Piping is not advisable. Can only be used through cylinders Pipeline transportation is safe